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Diane Benson - Democratic Candidate for Lt. Governor
Alaska is a place with endless possibilities and untapped potential. Alaska needs in it's next Lt. Governor someone who is not afraid to stand up and speak out. Diane Benson is that next Lt. Governor. As a former Speaker of the State House and then U.S. Senator from 1969-1981, I fought hard for Alaska and Alaskan interests. Alaska needs a new fighter and a new advocate who will be there for veterans, for seniors, for the working men and women of Alaska. I proudly endorse Diane Benson for Lt. Governor and ask all my friends and supporters to vote for her." - Mike Gravel (D), U.S. Senator from Alaska 1969-1981 Katie Hurley “Diane Benson was one of the first women to drive trucks on the line, so you know she's tough and won't back down from a challenge. That's why I fully expect her to be the Democratic nominee for Lieutenant Governor. She has the real-life experience and the vision to create jobs and diversify our state economy,” Katie Hurley, one of Alaska's most respected Democrats and was the Chief Clerk to Alaska's Constitutional Convention.

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Diane Benson - Democrat for Alaska Lt. Governor 2010.
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